How to change the resolution of the phone to get fullscreen

1. Connect your phone and Monitor/TV.
2. Click Advance Setup of SOE App to get the resolution of your Monitor/TV
resoultion of phone
3. Turn on “USB debugging” and “Always prompt when connecting to USB” in the Developer options of your phone.
4. Connect your phone to your PC
pubg phone
5. Click “Transfer files”
usb debug
6. Click “OK” (Your phone must pop this window when connected your PC)
7. Open to download “线刷宝” and install it.
8. Launch “线刷宝”
9. Double click the second Tab “工具箱\ ADB 命令行”
adb order

10. Input “adb shell”
11. Input “wm size”
12. Input “ wm size 1080x1920 (please refer to the resolution of your monitor/TV)
13. You will find the resolution of your phone has changed, and the screen of your phone becomes narrow


If you want to recover.

  1. Input “abd shell”
  2. Input “wm size”
  3. You will get 2 sizes ( Physical size:xxxxxx, override size:xxxxxx)
  4. Input wm size Physical size value
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