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PUBG Mobile Game Converter

It is not working correctly and i am not seeing mouse on my phone or the keyboard typing works when connecting the keyboard and mouse.

The controls work, but up on the mouse spins the character and left looks down.

Does it work with Google pixel?

How do i connect it to tv or monitor, im using a note10+ when i plug in the hmdi to tv or monitor my game doesnt mirror.

Can I play the game without connecting the TV?

does it only work for shooting games or can I use it with other games?

Can you get banned from pubg mobile game using this hub?

What does the android version work with?

What does the android version work with?

why I can't use the mouse to select anything?

In game the mouse can look left, right, and down, it never looks up.

All the directions are opposite! w,a,s, and d move the wrong way. up on the mouse turns left and the mouse will not shoot.

Does the game hub have audio output?

Does the game hub support PD and fast charge?

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